Redhawk provides a consultation with no contractual obligation from you.

We know the importance of transparency and communication as it relates to your investments. Redhawk's core values were built on the transparency of fees and the risk of our client's investments. We believe that everyone, not only our clients, deserve that same transparency.


So to provide a service to our community, we are offering a consultation with our team to review your situation and give you our expert opinion on any changes that should be made to your investments.

30-Minute Phone Conversation

Speak with a Redhawk advisor about specific concerns or issues with a phone consultation. In the financial services industry, we find that lack of communication, lack of guidance and lack of understanding are key drivers in the concerns we hear from clients. 

Let us work together to see if we can address any concerns or answer any questions that you may have.

60-Minute In-Person Consultation

Our in person consultation is a more in-depth analysis of your current situation. We will provide you with:


  • The current risk of your investments (with a 95% probability, how much can you expect to gain or lose over the next 6 months).
  • Exactly how much you are currently paying in fees and expenses with 100% transparency.
  • Which investments are performing well and the investments that are under performing in an easy to understand tool.
What you will receive from the consultation
Investment Policy Statement
You will receive a current review of your accounts that will include amount of risk, fees, and a comparison of your investments to the stock market.
Investment Performance Report
Get an analysis of your current investments in a way that anyone can understand. If the investment is in the red, it is under performing and should be replaced with an investment in the green.
Retirement Roadmap
You will also receive a retirement roadmap that will tell you with 95% probability how much you can expect to receive on a monthly basis in retirement.

Our Headquarters Location

We can meet with you during normal business hours or by appointment in the evenings or on weekends.  Just let us know what your scheduling requirements are.

Main Office


8500 Normandale Lake Blvd, Suite 960, Minneapolis, MN 55437

Phone: 952.835.4295


Investment advisory services offered through Redhawk Wealth Advisors, Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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