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4 Keys to Radically Improve Your Cash Balance Plan’s Financial Results

Now you can multiply the value of your Cash Balance Plan with no additional effort on your part.

No one seems to care about servicing your plan.
You must guarantee the benefits you promised.
You never know the contribution amount until it’s too late.
Your plan is stuck earning a low 5% annual return.
We specialize in servicing, updating and enhancing plans.
Know exactly what contribution you will make each year.
Get a plan that significantly outpaces INFLATION.
We know how to lower your risk & liability.
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If you have a Cash Balance Plan, then we have good news for you.  

New technology advances have now paved the way for existing Cash Balance Plans to make the transition from low-yield “Fixed-Rate Interest Crediting” to "Market-Return Interest Crediting” which provides you with predictable annual contributions and the ability to target much higher financial returns.  What was once only available to the richest Fortune 500 companies, is now available to the small business owner starting October 1st of this year.  This conversion opportunity provides you with the means to control volatility and provides you with a better retirement planning solution with consistent, predictable cashflow expenses year-over-year.

This is a limited time offer, so take advantage of this conversion opportunity before the end of the year.  To see if Cash Balance Plan Rescue is right for you, simply schedule a brief 10-minute call with our Cash Balance Plan Specialists.  You deserve the same retirement benefits enjoyed by the largest companies, and Cash Balance Plan Rescue makes it simple and cost-effective.

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