Are you saving enough for your future? How do you stack up to your colleagues?

I don’t need to tell you again that saving is important for your future success, you have heard this too many times. We are all humans, and with the fast-paced life we all live today, saving is typically not the first thing on our mind. The truth is, 1 in 3 Americans have nothing saved, at all.

The fact is this, saving for retirement is much easier said than done. We put most of this blame on people spending beyond their means and not adequately preparing for the unforeseen events life brings. Many people will tell you to “stop blowing your paycheck on the vacations, extravagant vehicles, sporting events and golf clubs and focus on your future and you will be more prepared.” As consumers, we know this isn’t true.

Okay, for some it may be true, but according to our research, the No. 1 cause of an inadequate savings is the day to day living expenses. People are not making enough money to pay the bills, live their lifestyle and FINALLY put money away. Unfortunately, nothing is getting easier and you see the cost of living continue to rise in many cities across the country.

You think to yourself, “Yes! How do I pay for everything I need today and still try to save?” Earning an inadequate wage, paying off debt, saving for emergencies… college tuition! We can always find a way to spend money before saving it, it is much easier to see the benefit of your income today than it is to envision it’s use in the future.

Many of us are not where we want to be financially, but we cannot give up just yet.

Saving does not need to be hard. If you can plan and do it the right way, it will make your future much easier. The first step is to see there is a problem and be willing to make a change.

Public Sector Investor has the experience to help you understand your situation and help you to improve. We want you to know that you don’t need to be on this journey alone and by working with an experienced advisor that truly has your best interests in mind, we can help relieve the stress of worrying about your financial future.

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