Program Costs 1
Each Advisor is responsible to pay Redhawk for the registration fees prior to registration.
Program Costs 2
Each Advisor is responsible to pay Redhawk for the annual renewal fees. Redhawk will either offset these fees with the representative’s quarterly fee payment or bill the Advisor directly.
Program Costs 3
The Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage is offered through Redhawk and is included in the Redhawk Wealth Advisor Retirement Plan (WARP) monthly fee. If the representative’s monthly payout amount is not enough to cover this fee, Redhawk will invoice the Advisor directly for this fee. This policy covers investment advisory services and fixed insurance policies sold in conjunction with investment management services provided by Redhawk. It also covers the sale of Medicare Supplements as well as Long-Term Care. This is a group policy and the limits of coverage are as follows:

> Aggregate Coverage: $2,000,000

> Advisor Deductible: $25,000

Note: A Separate E&O insurance policy must be purchased for stand-alone insurance products that are sold through an insurance agency.