At Redhawk Wealth Advisors we offer our Investors a variety of products and services including:

Investment Management

Redhawk provides customized investment advisory services to assist clients in achieving their investment objectives while fulfilling our fiduciary obligations.

Our investment philosophy is very simple. We strive to capture more of the market’s upside during good times and avoid more of the market’s bad times. We deliver this defensive risk management strategy to money management through a number of products and services.

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Life Insurance

For Life Insurance the best way is to do one of two things:
1. If you are very young (under 40 say) with less capital to spare, buy a specific convertible term policy.
2. If you are any age with plenty of extra capital to spare, buy a whole life policy with the ability to stuff it with as much extra cash as is legal.

This is our opinion. We live by this opinion ourselves. As a fiduciary, we must provide the public with our best opinions so that’s what we did here. If you choose some other life insurance product or protection mechanism, that is perfectly OK with us. We simply follow the “Good to Great” formula: pick the one thing you do very well and stick to it.

We have some incredibly well-trained and vetted people both internally here at the HQ and across the country who know this subject well and must qualify would-be consumers the way we say to do it.

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Gold & Silver

Gold and silver sometimes have negative connotations such as “ancient money” or non-dividend producing assets. While some media outlets may build the case, the majority do not understand what gold and silver actually does for people. Pundits are correct in saying gold and silver do not produce dividends, large amounts of coins may be tough to store, and perhaps less liquid than other assets, depending on the economic conditions at the time. What commentators fail to mention is physical gold and silver is a store of value, something like “Wealth Insurance”.

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